Romance Kakumei

The Story of Elisabeth

Elisabeth, most people know her as "Sissi", was a unusual bavarian princess out of the Wittelsbach line. Her biggest wish was to travel all the world, to make hundrets of great experiences and write them down as poems, as her father, Herzog Max.

Her mother, Ludovika, however was NOT very pleased with this. her aim was to wed her daughters well. The oldest daughter Helene for example was predestined to marry the emperor of Austria, Franz Joseph. When she wanted to tell her family, Sissi appreared dancing high above them on a rope... and she fell.

The little princess "died" through this accident and was brought to the underworld, where Death waited for her already. But very soon he realized, that this young girl was different from all the other souls, he met, so he decided to send her back to life, following her like a shadow.

The planned wedding of Helene and Franz was canceled. At the very moment the emperor saw Sissi, he fell in deep love with her and she, not knowing what was before her, agreed to his proposal. But soon she felt the big mistake. Franz' mother, Sophie, was the hell on earth, who treated the poor pessant princess as mean as possible. And Franz just stood there, trying to be a good emperor, a good husband and a good son. All this was watched silently by Death, who wished nothing more, than that Sissi would come back to him and return his love.

Many terrible things happend during Sissi's life. She lost two of her beloved children, her husband betrayed her and she got sick. She turned her back on God and the world, went through a lonely painful life and finally found her way back to Death.


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