Romance Kakumei



Utena and I (at that time Romance Kakumei was only the two of us) had our first performance at the Animagic. Another dancing group, TnS (Tsuki no Senshi), invited us to be gueststars in their show. The song we performed was "Bara wa utsukushiku chiru" sung by the Visual Kei Band LAREINE. The second song was "Scarlet" from the anime "Ayashi no Ceres".


Together with our friend Miki, we did a remake of "Bara wa". Again on the AnimagiC, but this time we shared the stage with Nansensu. It has been the year Romance Kakumei got its name. ^^


Do you see the two year frequency? ^^

A second time we were asked by Nansensu to do a coproduction on their stage. So this time we gathered a little ensemble out of Nansensu and the cast of Yume to do a Takarazuka like revue dance to the song "Ai to Shi no Rondo" from the Musical "Elisabeth".

2006 - 2007

Together with members of the performance group Nansensu we did a summary of the musical "Elisabeth". We tried to combine german an japanese elements with our own style by distributing roles among different actors, e.g. the part of Empress Elisabeth among three girls or the part of Luigi Lucheni among two brothers...

See the scenario for our "Elisabeth" project or read the original story of "Elisabeth".


At the Hanami 2007 we did a small performance as a first preview to "Facettes d'Amour":

"Romance Kakumei Sneak Preview - This is Takarazuka"

The one hour performance with much comedy and color was about the "good and less good" facets of the Takarazuka-Theatre, and at the same time to celebarte the fifth anniversary of our group.


In spring we presented another preview to "Facettes d'Amour" with the title "The Importance of Being in Love". It contained much comedy like the first preview, but combined with more aspects of love.

Then in autumn the premiere of our feature-length performance "Facettes d'Amour" finally took place at the AniMaCo 2008.


After one last two year long break we applied for Hanami with five danceprojects and did a Feature Event with the showgroup Ongaku no Kara.

Our quest for true love ended at AniMaCo 2010 with our Sayounara-Show"All that Romance ~ A smiling Goodbye".


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