Romance Kakumei

The pas de deux between Love and Death

In our version of the play some details are changed or missing compared to the original.

For instance the part of Luigi Lucheni is split between two actors, Mario and Luigi.

The part of Elisabeth is also split between three singers.

The lyrics have been rewritten partially and sometimes wholly, to fit better into our play. We hope the creators of "Elisabeth" wouldn't become upset about that ^^;;

Furthermore we sing german and japanese mixed.

And our story is only a composition of parts of the original story.

The script was further extended for our performance at the AnimagiC. New songs were added and a brand new revue at the end of the play.


Der Tod

Luigi Lucheni (Kuro)
Mario Luigi (Matthes)


Kaiserin Elisabeth

Kaiserin Elisabeth

Erzherzogin Sophie

Kaiser Franz Joseph

Kaiser Franz Joseph

Kronprinz Rudolf

Kronprinz Rudolf

Madame Wolf


Ran   Kaaron   Su-Si   Katha   Ma-chan   Kikyou   Kaori   Lilli   Michi   Haru-san   Camui


German English