Romance Kakumei


Romantic Revue!

I don't want to say much about Takarazuka, just the fact, that it was created in 1914 in Japan (Takarazuka City). The spezial thing about it is, that all female and also male parts are played by women only. Sounds strange, but is just as it is. ^^

5 Top-Stars

The show programm contains many different genres, such as musicdrama plays, musicals and of course the colorful sparkling revue shows.

The ensemble of the Takarazuka theatre is devided into five different troups: Moon, Flower, Cosmos, Snow and Star Troupe, each one with its owm color and current topstar otokoyaku and musumeyaku, who regularyly change all three to four years, to give other talented actresses the chance to become a successful topstar as well.

Flower FinaleYami gaStar Finale

You can read about the plays, the actresses and much more in the


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