Romance Kakumei

Facettes d'Amour

~ the way love goes ~

London, 1950. At that time, the world was alright... Ok... At at that time, the world was shattered by war and therefore another glittering world had been created to provide kind of a shelter to the people... yeah, sounds good ^^

In this world the director Sylvester du Grey, the composer John Elton and the choreographer Alan de Chapeau are trying sucessfully without any succesto put up a new stage show.
Good advice is expensive, because their theatre, once one of the most famous, is only a a step away from ruin... until the hollywood stars Liz Shirley and sam Diamond knock at their mouldered door.

Now measures have to be taken: both of them want to join the new production, because they got tired of show business in front of cameras... but what kind of production should it be?
In their need the word "loves" is thrown into discussion, but this topic get's not quite accepted until Alan's effusive explanation that there's more to "love" than they're all thinking of at the moment...

Romance Kakumei - Playlist

Forbidden love ~ „Only you“ (Takarazuka Dreamkingdom)

Having a crush ~ „Otoko to onna“ (Temptation)

Jealousy ~ „Maria Tango“ (Etude)

First love ~ „Watashi no Vampire“ (Vampire no Requiem)

Enlightenment ~ „Cocktail“ (Coktail)

Seduction ~ „Rose“ (Takarazuka Dreamkingdom)

Tragical Love ~ „Dance with me“ (Takarazuka Dreamkingdom)

Liz Shirley's way of love ~ „Fever“ (Michael Buble)

Separation ~ „Woman of my life“ (Never Say Goodbye)

Happy End ~ „Propose“ (The Black Lizard)

Passion ~ „Kosame“ (Versailles no Bara)


Stars Solo ~ „Strangers in the Night“

Musumeyaku ~ „Roxanne“

Otokoyaku ~ „Vals Bretons“

Pair Solo ~ „Last Dance“

Curtain Call ~ „Moonlight Serenade“

Encore ~ „Jazzmania“


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