Romance Kakumei

On Stage 2010

The long waiting ends at last!

At Hanami 2010 we will present our short-programm within the programm of our fellow showgroup Ongaku no Kara. We will not tell, what it will be exactly of course, BUT please be assured, that our performance will be different from all you have seen so far from us, and yet it will be as familar and "Romance Kakumei-esque" as your are accustumed to. ^^

Any interest? Then why don't you have a look at Hanami 2010.

on Saturday, 8th of May 2010, 3:30 p.m.

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Ongaku no Kara feat. Romance Kakumei

We would love to welcome you!


A short summary of our performances is on the "history" page.


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