Romance Kakumei

All that Romance ~ A smiling Goodbye

For the first time Romance Kakumei used a Revue-concept completely without a storyline leading through wellknown and new scenes of their dreamworld.

„Pompous, elegant, bold, tragic, touching, melancholic, funny“ - all those words represent Romance Kakumei and us.

We had the wish to stay in good memory of our audience and leave with precious memories ourselves.

Romance Kakumei - Playlist

„Diabolo rojo“ (Rodrigo y Gabriela)

„Ai to Shi no memory“ (Elisabeth)

„Masquerade“ (Masquerade)

„Butterfly“ (Aran Kei)

„Libertango“ (Astor Piazzolla)

„Prisoner of Love“ (Last Friends)

„Mr. Moonlight“ (Morning Musume)

„Romance de Paris“ (Romance de Paris)

„Nella Fantasia“ (I Got Music)

„Kimi wo aishiteiru“ (Je t'aime)

„Night and Day“ (Falling in Love with Yu)

„Dreamer“ (Aran Kei)

„Stairway to Heaven“ (Rodrigo y Gabriela)

„À bientôt“ (À bientôt)

„Sing Sing“ (Glee)


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