Romance Kakumei


Here we will inform you about updates to the homepage and the progress of our training.



You've probably already recognized it, but pro forma:
Some things changed on our homepage, und you can go and find out what and where. ^^
A small tip: We have a new cast.



Unbelievable, but true: Elisabeth enjoyed her last dance with Death and we are looking forward to our hopefully sparkling future. ^^

We hope you will enjoy us, even if no wellknown musical title is decorating our flyers.
We would love to welcome some of our English speaking Fans someday.
Please visit this website from time to time, you may find some hidden updates. ^^

See you in 2008!



Hanami 2007 is over!
Many thanks to all who were there, it was very delightful to get such great feedback. ^^
The pictures are to be found in the Gallery. Have fun!



We had several trainings, and I bet you're interested in how things are going, aren't you?!
Just like I thought. ^^
A new video to laugh about is available on the video page.


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