Romance Kakumei


Here we will inform you about updates to the homepage and the progress of our training.



We recevied the official confirmation, that we may perfom at the Conneko 2006 with our "Elisabeth"-Show. ^^
So there is a lot of work to do, choreography, play, singing... and of course costumes @_@
You can read our first funny dialogs at the fun page. We didn't have many trainings so far. ^^
But be patient for Ruka's patter!



On the videos page you will find two music videos done by Su-Si an me by hard work (fighting and swearing!).
One consists of funny scenes from our "many" trainings, and the other is a composition of our performance in 2003 and the anime series "Versailles no bara".



Yay, our homepage is online! *__*
And because some people complained about the long pages, where you have to scroll very much, everything will be rearranged... not a great task... *looking at the clock*... it's 2 a.m... o_O



Unexpectedly we have been able to have training last weekend. We dance now "Saigo no Dance", choreographed by Gary and Serenity... and it is a hell of a dance... not suitable for underage persons... lala... to hard for me! O_O
Soon we will swap the pictures for our profiles with better ones... I only have to force the cast in front of a camera - I mean, seat them there. ^^


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