Romance Kakumei


Here we will inform you about updates to the homepage and the progress of our training.



OMG, it has been a long time!
That's the result when a loony left Anthy has to do the work. However, I'd like to tell you that we are still here and from now on the homepage will be updated again. But page for page, so don't demand any wonders. ^^



The last update took place a while ago, but now we updated the profile-pictures and there is a new gallery fun-shooting.



It's not like I don't believe ANYBODY reads this news page, but for the sake of completeness I'd like to tell here that a new video is online. It contains some recordings of out first training with costumes (and no, the costumes are not finished of course -_-).
And maybe we can put up some costume photos soon T_T



Again Anthy tinkered a video to watch and laugh about. ^^
On the video page you can find the new one from the last training. This time with some scenes that might seem unbelieveable and with english subtitles for our foreign "fans". ^^
Have fun!


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