Romance Kakumei


Here we will inform you about updates to the homepage and the progress of our training.



There is a matter to be happy about. ^^
Because the AnikiCon was canceled, and despite the planned break, Anthy deceided to do a short performance at the Hanami 2007 and the last big "Elisabeth"-Performance at the AnimagiC 2007.
And guess what: Both conventions agreed ^^
You can find further details in the "On Stage" section.



The performance at the AnikiCon 2007 will not take place because the Convention has been canceled -_-
BUT as a cold comfort a new new chaotic video is available. Have fun!



New galleries with pictures from the AniMaCo 2006 are now online. Many thanks to alle the photographers. ^^



Now it's official:
Romance Kakumei will perform at the AnikiCon 2007 in Bonn.

The last "Elisabeth" show with more songs, extended scenes and a takarazuka-like revue part.
We are looking forward to seeing all of you again. ^^


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